Hi I’m Cole


Welcome to my car Blog. My mother – the nagging beneath my blog – insisted I needed to write an “About Page” and tell you a little bit about the purpose of my blog and myself. So, in the interest of family peace, prepare to be fascinated by the purpose, goals, likes, and favorites of Cole.

Every beetle has a story. I want to rebuild a 1973 Beetle and tells its story for my 2013-2014 Senior Project.

VW Bug Project:

Goal: Modify and rebuild my 1973 Volkswagen Beetle with help from like-minded car enthusiasts over the next eight months for my 2013-2014 senior research project. I raised the money to buy the Bug by building, painting, and accepting almost any odd job offered to me over the past year.

Share: On my blog, I will share the process and resources used to rebuild the Bug with other teens who may want to rebuild a car or do a similar type of project. I hope adults that lived through the bug decade will share their knowledge and stories with me.

Demonstrate: I will demonstrate the core values of my 12-year Waldorf School education by creating a senior project that includes using my imagination to design the Bug modifications, my mind to fuel the process, my hands to build the car, and my heart to add beauty and a sense of community to my overall efforts.

Now a little about me….

Name: Cole Ruscitti
Age: 17
Hometown: Chicago, IL
Education: Senior, Chicago Waldorf School


Cars: driving them and rebuilding them

Staying up late; sleeping late

As little homework as possible

Exploding things

Goofing off with friends

Cold weather


Cars:  Corvette, Shelby Cobra, 2014 Audi RS8

TV shows: Top Gear, DIY Shows, Community, Parks and Rec, Shameless

Movies: Up In The Air, Lord Of The Rings, End Of Watch

Books: Great Gatsby, Lord Of The Flies, World War Z, The Perks of Being a Wallflower,

Beverage: Coffee (that is my story and I’m sticking to it)

Food: Perfectly cooked steak

A few things I’ve learned over the past 17 years:

People who have a passion are the most fun to hang out with.

Being unorganized complicates life.

Good manners work.

Death Sucks.

When asked at dinner, “Do you like it?” the only answer is, “It’s great; I wish we could have it every night.”

Thanks for reading my blog. This is about as personal as it’s going to get. My Car Blog is about cars, rebuilding the Beetle, pictures of cool car tools, and interviews with interesting car people. I’m sure my mom will write more of the nitty gritty (like what snacks we took on our road trips to interview cool car guys) on her blog: Odd Loves Company!

Now, if we’re going to be road warriors together, why not introduce yourself and tell me something about you!

Cole 1