Love Bugs

Pictures of VW Bugs that family, friends, and readers have shared with me. Please share your pictures!

All total, I have had 4 Bugs in my car-driving career. Ernie, The Nameless Convertible, a 1959 model and a 1969 model. They owned me, I did not own them~ Cynthia

This is Ernie my favorite Bug.

Cynthia. Love Bugs 

This Bug remained nameless. I think it was a 1974 model convertible. It was a money pit.


Meet 1973, Rose. We went to college together, drove cross country, and she introduced me to my husband. When Rose and I crossed that last mile together, she was cremated at the junk yard. I kept her remains, a license plate and rear view mirror. I’ve had a lot of cars over the years, but I’ve never become as attached to a car like I was attached to Rose ~ Maddie.