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Driving America: Update and Questionnaire

The June Bug and I were busy over the winter break. First, June modeled for our annual New Year card along with our campers and then underwent some more internal and external work.

Internally, an air filter was replaced, brakes were adjusted, an oil leak was managed (all Bugs leak some; easily managed if you place a piece of cardboard under it). We fixed the battery so it no longer drains due to electronic components pulling from it, which means that I don’t have to disconnect the battery each time I turn June off.

Externally, we replaced the right rear fender. June is now a bit mismatched, but the fender won’t fall off on the expressway and the color will be corrected when we paint. We no longer have to open the doors with a coat hanger since the locks were replaced, and the seats have been repaired, which makes driving more comfortable and safer. Also, the tail pipes have been removed and re- positioned so that I no longer inhale exhaust. Oh, and the blinkers, headlights, and tail lights all light up now and blink appropriately most of time.

The work has been tedious in the cold weather, but the results have been worth it. The June Bug is toddling along great. I’ll post pictures as soon as it warms up enough to wash her off (my Mom refers to it as June’s spa day—I don’t).

Future work includes redoing the dashboard, upholstery, and carpeting and finally adding the sound proofing that has been sitting in my room for weeks.

Over the next two weeks, I will focus on writing the research portion of my paper titled Driving America – Car Culture. I’ll share my research with you as I go along, but you can help by answering a few questions in the comment section about your relationship with your cars.

1) Describe a memorable car experience (family car, your car, someone else’s car), for example, driving route 66, going to a drive-in, or taking long road trips as a kid?

2) Do you notice cars and associate them with a time and/or a place?

3) Did you name your car?

4) Which car do you remember most fondly (family car, your car, someone else’s car)?

5) Have you ever owned a lemon or a car you really hated?

6) Is your car just a mode of transportation or an extension of your personality?

7) If money was no object, and you were not concerned about gas milage or safety what model of car would you choose?

8) What model of car describes you best, or if you could be a car, what car would you be?

9) Assuming safety, price and gas milage are your top priorities, what other priorities do you have when considering buying a car?

10) If you are over 40, what do you imagine your parents’ number one priority was when buying their car?

11) If the sky were the limit, what would you design a car to do? (For example, my mom recently said she would want her car to melt the snow-ice if she was stuck.)

12) What is your favorite car color?

13) Do you do any of your own car maintenance?

Please feel free to add your own thoughts (outside of my questions) and/or answer as many of the questions as you want in the comments section below this blog post. If you want to send me pictures, send them to

The sponsor who offered me the challenge in December has agreed to do it again if I can come up with a new idea. I’m working on it and should be able to share the challenge this weekend.

Thanks for all your support, comments, “likes,” sponsorships, and donations.

And thanks for coming along for the ride!


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  1. Debbie says:

    First off, congrats on getting so much done to make June road-safe and pretty! I imagine that couldn’t have been easy, what with the cold and snow.
    Yes, I always name my cars, but I don’t do the maintenance on them. I tend to gravitate toward silver. Or white. Boring, maybe, but that’s what I like! I’ve had blue cars, one red, one mint green, one black (the black one was chosen by my son Domer, and it eventually became his first car).
    A lemon? Definitely. I had a Chrysler that spent more time in the repair shop than it did on the road — and it was bought brand-new! Seems they had carburetor deficiencies that year, and nobody could fix it. Maybe I should’ve given it a try??
    Here’s my memorable car experience: Just after I got my license, a girlfriend and I took off on Halloween to TP (roll, whatever you call it) her boyfriend’s house. Surprise! He was waiting for us. We raced for my car (a Bug, no less!) with him fast on our wheels. We traveled up and down alleys, cutting across from one side of town to another, me frantically shifting gears and praying the thing wouldn’t die on us. Eventually, he must’ve grown tired of the chase for he let us get away. Whew! Good times!

  2. Ben says:

    Working in the cold take dedication. Hope you had a good pair of gloves.
    I guess one of best car experiences was getting my drivers license and taking off on my own the first time.
    My favorite car is my old Ford truck. Red and I have driven a lot of miles together. I’d stick with Red even if I could have a much fancier car.
    Reliability. I want a car that you can trust to run.
    My wife cares about color, I could care less as long as it is a primary car color—no purple.
    People tell me, my truck and I resemble one another. If that is what you mean by an extension of my personality.
    Keep up the good work.

  3. Liz says:

    Wow you have really made some great progress.
    I’ll try to answer some of your questions.
    1) We traveled a lot by car when I was a kid, a travel was just to expensive. My parents would find cool places to take breaks a long the way and I loved the road side souvenir shops. Most of the stuff was the same but I was always dazzled by it and still have a set of Elvis salt and pepper shakes I bought outside of Dallas
    3) We do name our cars. My cars name is Jane. I’ve always liked the name Jane
    4) I had a boyfriend in college that drop a jeep and we had a lot of fun in that car.
    7) Money is no object? A Mercedes convertible.
    9) Cup holders. I want a car with a lot of cup holders and good one’s.
    11) Find me the closest parking spot–better yet save the perfect parking spot for me.
    12) I like blue cars. Or any color that doesn’t show the dirt.
    Good Luck! TTFN.

  4. Sue says:

    Good job, Cole, working on June in the weather you have had in Chicago lately, snow and really cold..Sounds like you are making great progress. Speaking of cold weather, when I was 18 years old, I went in debt to buy my first car, a used 1950 yellow Pontiac convertible..I loved that car but not very practical driving a convertible in the cold Rockford, Ill. weather…Later, my husband was in the car business for years so I always had a nice new car to drive but my favorite car was my first car, my yellow Pontiac convertible..wish I still owned would be worth a fortune..who knew ??
    Keep up the good work.

  5. Marcie says:

    My most hateful car was a Renault. It loved nothing better than to die! My most favorite car was a little Corvair. I loved that car and drove it forever. The vehicle that suits me best is a Honda Van because i can fit two 400 crates in the back.
    I took many long car trips as a kid.
    I’ve always loved cars.

  6. Cole says:

    Chevrolet Corvair, was a genuine effort to develop a fuel-efficient car of the future along that was also good looking. It was flawed for sure but Nader really wasn’t fair to it. Ed Cole designed the Corvair and was quoted as saying “kick the hell out of the status quo.” Which is exactly what American car manufactures need to start doing. The Renault was bad news from the start. What about the Porche?

  7. Cole says:

    Pontiac made a great convertible and while it may not have been practical it was a great looking car and well made! Good choice :-D

  8. Cole says:

    Good cup holders are key. Mercedes convertible is a beautiful car. What model? I’m not sure you could call her Jane, but it might work.
    Better go with a light blue car if you want one that doesn’t show the dirt. My Mom’s Honda is dark blue and it always looks dirty.
    Parking space feature would be really be nice to have in Chicago. And maybe it could be programed to fed the meter if it started to expire.

  9. Cole says:

    Red sounds like a cool truck. Seems like Ford Trucks inspire loyalty. They are reliable through thick and thin. m.
    Color doesn’t matter to real car guys but nobody should want a purple car.
    I know when I look back on my car experiences getting my drivers license will top the list of the best experience ever.
    Yep, I have a great pair of gloves. Thanks.

  10. Cole says:

    Funny story. You are so lucky that Bug did not die on you–they have that habit. The chase sounds fun. Really fun.
    Silver and white are nice colors for cars but can be less visible on the road. The nice thing is they look cleaner than other cars during bad weather. Black is always a cool color for a car. They can be hot in the summer but worth it.
    Thanks for sharing your car experiences with me. I appreciate it.

  11. Joann says:

    My first car was in 1970, a 1968 xr cougar. It was used by someone who only drove it to the store. Fully loaded. As soon as I got the keys road up to Wisconsin and back just to feel it on the expressway. Loved how when you turned off the lights the front would drop and they would be tucked in. As it grew older, one would stick and my car would wink at the world. If it needed a bulb for a rear light, they had to go through the entire trunk and it turned into a major expense. Would constantly stall and, of course would wait until I was in the middle somewhere. Yet, every service guy who came out said “cool car”. And, it was when it ran. With all it’s mechanical issues, I loved owning it. To my surprise when I went to buy my first “new” car, everything was extra…carpet was extra!! Instead you got rubber texture color look sort of like carpet. What an eye opener.
    Thanks for letting me come along for the ride.

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