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Here’s the opening video to my presentation that some of you asked me to post. Despite the mini blizzard it was fun to produce. The man who stopped to help push the bug was not an actor; he was a nice Chicagoan. One of the benefits of restoring the bug has been meeting, greeting, and pushing her with so many helpful Chicago drivers over the last 10 months. On that cold winter day when I pushed the bug over two miles to school (uphill), I never pushed alone. People would stop and help me push for as long as they could, and when they returned to their car, they were always quickly replaced by another driver who had pulled over. At one point, an entire family got out of their car to help me.

Do you remember the scene in the movie Forrest Gump where he starts to run and people start to run with him? Well, that’s a little how I felt pushing the bug. I’d start to push and would immediately be joined by other people pushing alongside me. Fortunately, unlike Forrest’s run, we did not have to push the bug for three years, two months, 14 days, and 16 hours, but trust me, some weeks it felt like it and I really appreciated the help.

Now, I’m a full-fledged member of the Chicago “pull over, and push” brigade. If you need a push, I’ll lend a hand.

On Saturday, I’ll head over to the Fox Valley Volkswagen dealership for some autographs. The last time I tried to visited the dealership June’s starter died, but you know my motto when it comes to the Bug – try, try again. And again.

Thanks for going along for the ride.




P.S. The trip to Fox Valley Volkswagen went great. June cooperated and the people at Fox Valley Volkswagen were terrific. I’ll tell you more about it soon.

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  1. Roger Pin says:

    I’m ever stuck I hope it is in Chicago. Glad so many people have been available to help you push. I’ve needed a jump a few time and people with jumper cables have been more than willing to help. Glad your road trip went so well.

  2. Penny Collins says:

    Thanks for posting the video! Loved it and the impromptu pusher was prefect. I think Chicago overall is a very nice big city. The few times I’ve visited people have been more than wiling to offer directions and suggestions.
    Looking forward to more updates.

  3. SUE says:

    Always enjoy your videos..June sure gives you a lot of exercise..what are you going to do with June ? Keep it? Sell it ?

  4. David Tucci says:

    Great video. You are a great guy

  5. Debbie says:

    Funny how, once you’ve been the recipient of a much-needed push, you’re more likely to swing over to the giving end! Glad you live in the friendly Heartland, where folks are quick to lend a hand.
    I was thinking along Sue’s lines — what’s next for June-Bug? Now that you’ve got her all spiffied up, I can’t imagine you parting with her. Or might she bring in a bit of mad money??
    Debbie recently posted…How to Survive Your Kid’s GraduationMy Profile

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